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KeipBros Darkroom Kit of Chemicals


Kit of Darkroom Chemicals
Kit of Darkroom Chemicals includes 1L Screen Degreaser, 5L K4 Ghost Image Remover, 5Kg Cleaner Paste, 200g Decoat Powder & 1Kg Emulsion for both water-based and solvent based inks
Package Price: R 1,495.00 + vat = R 1,719.25

Screen Degreaser

Removes oil, dust, fingerprints and neutralises screen cleaning chemicals, available 1L & 5L

Cleaner Paste/ Pregan Paste

A caustic based cleaner that removes any solids left behind after printing, available in 1Kg, 5Kg & 25Kg buckets

K4 Ghost Image Remover / C4

Removes dry ink and pigment stains on the screen, available in 1L, 5L & 25L

Emulsion: UDC-2 Dual Cure (solvent inks) / CP-Tex (water-based inks)

Available in 1Kg & Gallon buckets (5Kg)

De-coat Stripper Powder / EP3

Photo emulsion remover. Mix with water to make a solution. Available in 100g, 200g, 1Kg, 5Kg & 25Kg drums

Chromaset - stencil hardener

Post-hardens screen emulsion to increase durability / print run, available in 1L & 5L

Block-Out - screen filler

Touch up screen when printing with solvent-based inks, available in 1L & 5L

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