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Etching Press / Printmaker / Linocut / Collagraph / Intaglio

Etching press with precision drums, gearbox and workbed. Light action.

Sturdy powder-coated stand (optional on the E500). Easy adjustable

pressure settings. E500 has a bed size of 500x750mm.

Optional extra's: Etching Press pressure dials and felt blankets in various thicknesses.

Also available: E750 with a bed size of 750x1200mm and E900 with a bed size of


12,360.00 + VAT = R 14,214.00

AquaTint Box (also known as a Rosin Box)

AquaTint Box designed for the creative printmakers involved in printmaking. Removable

tint tank / rosin dust box. Convenient crank handle driving the paddle that eddies

up the tint / rosin from the curved bottom of the tint tank, ensuring an evenly coated plate

with rosin powder.

Special feature: a viewing window (hatch) and internal tap light.

AquaTint Box 60 x 170 x 70 cm has a removable shelf / plate support grid of 60 x 70 cm

- suitable for A2 size etching plates.

Custom size AquaTint boxes made to order.

Packing Size:
E500: 73 x 75 x 137cm / vol mass 200kg / actual mass 115kg

E750: 103 x 120 x 137cm / vol mass 280kg / actual mass 180kg

E900: 118 x 150 x 137cm / vol mass 413kg / actual mass 267kg

AquaTint Box: 65 x 175 x 75cm / 45kg

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