Other T-Shirt Accessories

keipbros other t shirt accessories


T-shirt Boards / Pallets / Laste

Manufactured with a neck extension and brackets used on a carousel / clamping system in order to place and print.

R 270.00 + VAT = R 310.50 Kiddies size
R 290.00 + VAT = R 333.50Adult size
R 300.00 + VAT = R 345.00Multi-purpose size

Heat Gun

For flash drying of inks between prints to build up colour and/or print second colour on top of dry ink.

R 800.00 + VAT = R 920.00

Laser Paper Film

Print your artwork onto laser paper film. A3 & A4 boxes supplied.

A4 Box R 418.00 + VAT = R 480.70

A3 Box R 836.00 + VAT = R 961.40

Laser Enhancer Liquid

Enhances the darkness of the artwork on the laser film.

R 118.00 + VAT = R 135.70

Folding Board

Fast and accurate folding of T-shirts for packing and presentation.

R 90.00 + VAT = R 103.50


Teflon Sheet

Used on both a Heat Press and Cap Press to prevent Plastisol inks from sticking to garments while curing.

R110.00+ VAT = R126.50
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