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keipbros screens and squeegees



40 X 60 cm e43
40 x 60 cm e61Y
40 x 60 cm e90
50 x 60 cm e43
50 x 60 cm e61Y
50 x 60 cm e90

R509.00+ vat = R585.35
R514.00+ vat = R
R531.00+ vat = R610.65
R546.00+ vat = R627.90
R551.00+ vat = R633.65
R572.00+ vat = R657.80

(Other size screens available in all mesh counts)


12 cm Squeegee in Wooden Handle
24 cm Squeegee in Wooden Handle
32 cm Squeegee in Wooden Handle
45 cm Squeegee in Wooden Handle

R120.00+ vat = R138.00
R240.00+ vat = R276.00
R320.00+ vat = R368.00
R450.00+ vat = R517.50

(Available in all sizes and in Alumininum Handles)
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